The first meeting

”Look around. Do you see the Blur? Its a book-eh of a million hues. The colorful crowd around. The people around you now, this very second; look at them. Each one, they have a hue. No matter what they are wearing, their age, color or attractive or un attractiveness, they have a hue. They shine […]

Unsurety and Abyss

My heart skips a beat just the way it first did surprised me indeed. Never thought the scars you left, still sore and creased, would allow my soul to dance. Dance, Waltz the way it did once, In your arms. Enveloped by your presence. That rainy night, under the dim lantern, above the dwindling city […]

identifying conflict

i am that blank space waiting to be written on i am also all expanding volume of knowledge i am the pain in your eyes the one you cant seem to place i am also the relief as you close them i am yearning lips waiting to be kissed i am also the invisible binding […]

My silence

I don’t need wordporn or something else to speak for me, only I can voice my thoughts. My thoughts, about my silence. s i l e n c e The only way you can hear the sound of your life. The harmony, the cacophony and sometimes, a chaotic mix of both..It is the absence of […]


Seeing the strength of the rain, one would think the sky may wither. Seeing the trees sway violently, one would think they were possessed. The marshy ground, soaked for ages, shows signs of giving way to insensitive bashful footprints. Enveloped by a miserable musty smell, lies a book with yellowed pages, torn with age and […]

The Sky Lantern

It has been said too many times that experiences change us. When I moved to Gujarat for my undergrad, I experienced so much that were only dreams and fantasies before. One such experience that held me spell bound was during Uttarayan, the much loved kite festival of the state. My friends and I were sitting on […]