Seeing the strength of the rain, one would think the sky may wither.
Seeing the trees sway violently, one would think they were possessed.
The marshy ground, soaked for ages,
shows signs of giving way to insensitive bashful footprints.
Enveloped by a miserable musty smell,
lies a book with yellowed pages, torn with age
and scarred with stains.
The pages of her heart, with her story written on them.
Untouched for so long,
with only illusions of the touch and hope of the real.
Locked away,
so that not a drop of rain trickles from within,
as vulnerability through her eyes.
She holds it all together with the invisible, yet invincible
string of determination and grit.
And does so, seemingly effortlessly,
with a pleasant smile,
radiating beyond her lips, through her beautiful body,
all around her,
like petrichor, filling even an outraged tramp with hope.

She walks in dignity,
she walks with pride;
only death is better than accepting defeat.

You see her everyday,
and yet,
you would never know its her,
because she gives nothing away, but a smile.
The most enchanting smile,
that will linger alongside your soul
till the end of time…

The strongest people are those who fight their battles silently
and spread hope at the same time.

A tribute to those people of strength.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. Firstly, a beautiful tribute!
    Second, only those who have similar strength and fight the same battle everyday, while sporting the beautiful smile can write anything like that!
    Thirdly, I believe (and I’m rarely wrong) that all the three, you, our common friend (no name, for the sake of privacy :P) and me, experience and achieve the same what you described.
    It’s beautiful and praise worthy how you manage to articulate the unsaid.
    Keep it up!! (y)


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