identifying conflict

i am that blank space

waiting to be written on

i am also all expanding volume of knowledge

i am the pain in your eyes

the one you cant seem to place

i am also the relief as you close them

i am yearning lips

waiting to be kissed

i am also the invisible binding passion

burning with rage

i am all your memories

all good and bad

i am also the future which exists frozen for you to discover

i am your intuition

which you hesitantly evaluate

i am also your evil fate, hiding in your darkest shadow

i am your every power

i am also the smallest weakness makes you fall apart

i am all that you wanted

i am also everything i ever wanted to be

i am every passion that was starved for so long

i am also the most serene pleasure

i am the balance of a dew drop on the tender leaflet

also the sly eye of the cyclone


i am everything

and also



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