Unsurety and Abyss


My heart skips a beat just the way it first did

surprised me indeed.

Never thought the scars you left,

still sore and creased,

would allow my soul to dance.



the way it did once,

In your arms.

Enveloped by your presence.

That rainy night, under the dim lantern,

above the dwindling city lights.


dwindling like the truth i thought you spoke;

mere imposters.

ruthless enough to fool,

my childlike innocence.

Crush my world of magic

under your icy riveted wings.


Making sense of another you,

I had fought the world,

Despite a false pretense,

so simple to believe.

Lie by lie,

word by word

I justified.

Painting, my own dream out of you.

Time discouraged my growing vows.

And I dismissed Time.

Fate Destiny .

for me it was all about that moment of warmth.


Ratios and proportions of you and me.



Yes I had fallen.

Into an abyss of my own emptiness.

For I was filling a well

with dandelions,

my fall was sealed.


I hear you call from up there,

barely a stranger.

Do I stop myself from your warmth?

Do I forgive the thorn?

Or hope for the bud?

The dew is late,

and death is sure.


Do I ask you the questions

or tell you the answers?

Do I not say a word

and embrace it all?

Do I accept the silence,

the one you have left me in;


gasping for sense?

Do you know

what lies between us;

the questions and answers,

stories and laughter.

do you know we have in our ties

every paradox existent?

should we see the burns of the pangs of passion set afire?

should I tell you to everything i have rehearsed?

or just nothing at all?

I am still unsure

still unsure

unsure of now


like the very first time I spoke,

after countless lingering smiles.





One thought on “Unsurety and Abyss

  1. Wow,this poem leaves you gasping for air.It flows through the pain, those emotions that yearn to break free and express themselves.


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